About US

The Heat Exchanger Mentoring Pilot working group are volunteers working on behalf of the District Heating Divas and are acting independently of their place of employment.

  • Catherine Artosky, Brent Council
  • Mert Chavushoglu, Sweco
  • Katherine Fish, Guru Systems
  • Georgina Orso, GuruSystems
  • Shivali Mathur, BEIS
  • Soulla Paphitis, Danfoss
  • Tala Baadarani, FairHeat

Please contact us at: working.group@heatexchangermentor.net 

Disclaimer: The District Heating Divas and the Heat Exchanger Mentoring pilot working group are purely acting as facilitators to matching pairs and providing limited tips on mentoring. As such they have no liability arising from mentoring activities.

The District Heating Divas are an informal networking group for women working in heat networks in the UK. There are a number of groups that meet monthly across the UK. For further information and to get involved please visit the Linked In page.

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